Advocacy Resources

  • Improving the protection of women and girls during conflict
    Geneva Call, December 2010

    Link (PDF)
  • NGO Working Group on Women, Peace And Security: Statement On The Democratic Republic Of Congo
    8 July 2011

    Link (PDF)
  • Team of Experts on the Rule of Law
    Progress Report, January-May 2011

    Link (PDF)
  • Silent No More
    Tearfund, March 2011

    Link (PDF)
  • Rape, a weapon of war: Destroying the glue of a society
    The Economist, 11 January 2011

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  • Aftershocks, Women Speak out Against Sexual Violence In Haiti’s Camps
    Amnesty International, 2011

    Link (PDF)
  • Security Council Resolution 1960 (2010)

    Link (PDF)
  • Report of the Secretary General on the implementation of Security Council resolutions 1820 (2008) and 1888 (2009)
    24 November 2010

    Link (PDF)
  • Addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence – An Analytical Inventory of Peacekeeping Practice
    UN Action/UNIFEM/DPKO, 30 June 2010

    Link (PDF)
  • Towards a Typology of Wartime Rape - Bonn International Centre for Conversion, 1 September 2010

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